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Swedish Workshop on

The application of VR and agent technology for people with disabilities

January 23rd 1997, at SICS

Organised by SICS in cooperation with KFB and NUTEK.

There are some notes available from the discussion that followed the presentation.

The information society may provide disabled users with powerful means for interaction, but unless the tools are carefully designed, these users may be excluded entirely from this form of communication. This workshop aims to bring Swedish researchers and representatives for handicap-organisations together to discuss how to create new ways of utilising agents and virtual reality environments to enhance usage for people with disabilities.

Read more about the purpose of the workshop here.

Tentative programme for the workshop

Participants in the workshop (with links to home webpages when avaialble)

More info about agents and VR

Practical information
How to attend the workshop, who to contact, workshop organisers, etc.

Kristina Höök