Dina Goren-Bar, Ilenia Graziola, Fabio Pianesi, Cesare Rocchi, Oliviero Stock, and Massimo Zancanaro:
I like it - Affective Control of Information Flow in a Personalized Mobile Museum Guide

Amy Hurst and John Zimmerman:
Evaluating a Fabric Device Controller

Charlotte Wiberg:
Affective computing vs. usability? Insights of using traditional usability evaluation methods

Noel Chateau and Marc Mersiol:
AMUSE: A tool for evaluating affective interfaces

B. Cahour, P. Salembier, Ch. Brassac, J.L. Bouraoui, B. Pachoud, P. Vermersch, M. Zouinar:
Methodologies for evaluating the affective experience of a mediated interaction

Regan Lee Mandryk:
Evaluating Affective Computing Environments Using Physiological Measures

Daniel Fällman and John Waterworth:
Dealing with User Experience and Affective Evaluation in HCI Design: A Repertory Grid Approach

Helena M. Mentis:
Insight Into Strong Emotional Experiences Through Memory

Rosalind W. Picard and Shaundra Bryant Daily:
Evaluating affective interactions: Alternatives to asking what users feel

Kristina Höök, Katherine Isbister and Jarmo Laaksolahti:
Sensual Evaluation Instrument

Joseph Jofish Kaye
Intimate Objects: A site for affective evaluation

Phoebe Sengers, Kirsten Boehner, Simeon Warner, and Tom Jenkins:
Evaluating Affector: Co-Interpreting What Work

In addition we have access to a paper by Charlotte Wiberg summarising the field of usability and fun:
Usability and Fun