Mobile Life Mobile Life is an SSF-funded project where we work together with Lars Erik Holmquist and his group Future Applications Lab at Viktoria Institute in Gothenburgh and Oskar Juhlin and his group Mobility at Interactive Institute in Stockholm. We are exploring what a future life with a lot of mobile and ubiquitous services will be like for people who will inhabit those hybrid spaces.

Affective Diary The Affective Diary project is run in collaboration with Microsoft Research in Cambridge. It is a diary in combination with a mobile phone that aims to fulfil three criteria: first, to reflect the more bodily experiences of the day, second, to make users feel empowered to work with these and change them to better fit their own experiences, much like in a diary, and third, to treat them as embodied experiences and not as disembodied ones.

INVOLVE In 2005 I received an INGVAR II grant from SSF. In the project, named INVOLVE, we are exploring the idea of an affective loop, that is making users involved not only intellectually but also physically.

HUMAINE HUMAINE aims to lay the foundations for European development of systems that can register, model and/or influence human emotional and emotion-related states and processes - 'emotion-oriented systems'. Such systems may be central to future interfaces, but their conceptual underpinnings are not sufficiently advanced to be sure of their real potential or the best way to develop them. One of the reasons is that relevant knowledge is dispersed across many disciplines. HUMAINE brings together leading experts from the key disciplines in a programme designed to achieve intellectual integration. It identifies six thematic areas that cut across traditional groupings and offer a framework for an appropriate division of labour - theory of emotion; signal/sign interfaces; the structure of emotionally coloured interactions; emotion in cognition and action; emotion in communication and persuasion; and usability of emotion-oriented systems. Our task in the project concerns the last topic: usability of such systems.

SAFIRA In the EU-funded SAFIRA project we explored novel affective interactive my systems. My role was to evaluate the prototypes from a user perspective. Two very interesting applications were built: SenToy, an affective plush toy, and Influencing Machine, a machine with emotions. 2000 - 2002.

PERSONA An EU-funded project where we explored the idea of social navigation. 1997 - 1999.

IntAge In IntAge we built and explored interactions with intelligent agents. 1996 - 2002.

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