Supple Interfaces: Designing and evaluating for richer human connections and experiences

The aim of this workshop is to create a common language for discussing the issues involved, the research challenges, and progress already made in designing and evaluating supple interfaces. Supple interfaces aim to build richer connections between people as well as deeper emotional experiences through interface. Examples include affective interactive systems, games, and relationship-building systems. For these kinds of applications, the CHI community is struggling with a new set of design values and accompanying challenges that can be hard to articulate and thus to advance as a community. These application spaces and interaction modes require an emphasis on the quality of experience rather than outcome, and often involve subtleties of the dynamics of engagement with such interfaces and with others through these interfaces. Through hands-on experiences, presentations, and active discussion during the day, we hope to make a start at creating a coherent working framework for this area that can be shared with the larger CHI community.

The workshop description as it will appear in the CHI conference proceedings: PDF