Organisers backgrounds:

Katherine Isbister
Katherine Isbister is an Associate Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and Director of the Games Research Lab within the Social and Behavioral Research Laboratory at RPI. Her research centers on the design and evaluation of emotionally and socially engaging interfaces, with a focus on games. In 2003-4, she was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, where she developed and taught a course on the design of characters for computer games, which led to a book: Better Game Characters by Design: A Psychological Approach. Isbister has worked in the area of emotional and social engagement with interfaces for almost ten years, primarily in the area of interface agent design. Her work in this area has been presented at CHI, AAMAS, and other ACM venues. Isbister co-chaired a CHI workshop on affective evaluation (2005), a workshop in Kyoto, Japan on the design of digital cities (1999), and has served as a program committee member for several workshops and conferences.
Kristina Höök
Kristina Höök is a Professor in Human-Machine Interaction at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University/KTH. She also works part-time at SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science). Her research centers on user-centered approaches to social and affective interaction systems. In particular she has been working with the concepts of social navigation and affective loops. She works in the EU-funded HUMAINE-project focusing on affective computing. Her work in this area has been presented at CHI, DUX, and other ACM venues.