In general, I really enjoy giving talks though sometimes I do a bit too many of them. I have put some of my slides here so that you can get a flavour for what my talks are about. But since I prefer to have mostly pictures, I am not so sure that you will be able to make any sense of them.

I also give an undergraduate course in Affective Interaction at the university.

I gave a keynote presentation at the Persuasive Technolog 2008 conference in Oulu on: affective loops (ppt).

At the inauguration for the Mobile Life centre on the 30th of August 2007, I presented the overall ambition with the centre: right here, right now (ppt).

At the Nord IoD-conference in Stockholm in June 2007, I was one of the keynote speakers with my talk named: The Future Mobile Life (zipped ppt).

In October 2006, I presented my paper named "Open Familiar Surfaces" describing some of the underlying ideas and principles for my work during at the NordiCHI conference in Oslo:
Open Familiar Surfaces (ppt).

In June 2006, I presented some of the work on Mobile Services that I and my collegues have done to a large group of administrators attending a conference at Stockholm University:
Mobilt & Ubikom (in Swedish)

In April 2006, I presented our joint work on designing an Affective Diary a workshop Microsoft organised in Cambridge:
A user-centred design of an Affective Diary

In 2006 I gave a talk on Mobile Services and some of our results from the Mobile Life project:
Mobile Life: People-focused innovations in mobile services.

In 2005 I gave a talk on methods for designing mobile services from a user-centred perspective:
Methods to support innovation and evaluation of mobile services for people .

In 2005 at the Critical Computingconference I presented the work by Oulasvirta, Tamminen and myself:
Comparing Two Approaches to Context: Realism and Constructivism .

In 2002 I gave my "docent"-lecture: Social Computing - Usage as design

In 2002 I gave a talk that was transcibed by someone, all in Swedish: Social och affektiv informatik: två inslag i framtidens IT-samhälle?

In 2000 I gave a talk in Swedish on the future of IT:
IT-society in the future? From tools to soap operas.


CHI 2007 workshop on Supple Interfaces will be presented at CHI 2007 in San Jose. Katherine Isbister and I are organising the workshop.

CHI 2005 Workshop on Evaluating Affective Interfaces: innovative approaches was a workshop that I organised together with Katherine Isbister. Based on this workshop we organised a special issue of IJHCS in 2007 with 10 papers.

Workshop on Usability of Affective Interfaces was organised within the HUMAINE project by myself, Jarmo Laaksolahti and Katherine Isbister.

Together with Alan Wexelblat and Alan Munro, I organised a Workshop on "Social Navigation: a design approach?" during CHI'2000 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Elisabeth Andre, Angelica de Antonio and I organised a Workshop on on Behaviour Planning for Life-like Characters and Avatars in March 1999 during the i3 Spring Days in Sitges, Spain.

I organised a Workshop on on Navigation in March 1998 together with David Benyon and Alan Munro.

I organised a Workshop on Agents, VR and Disabled Users, 23rd of January, 1997 together with Kristian Simsarian

A few times, I have a tutorial on how to design and evaluate intelligent user interfaces. The ZIPPED tutorial notes can be found here.

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