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Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Lars Rasmusson


SICS Lab: SICS Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Research Interests: Distributed computing, bandwidth markets, multi-agent negotiation, stochastic modeling.


Phone: +46 8 6331569
Mobile: +46 73 9823444


I got my MSc in Computer Science at KTH, Stockholm, in 1996. I currently work at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at SICS in Kista, Stockholm.


I'm studying coordination techniques to allow us to create software agent systems where "selfish" agents cooperatively solve problems.

I'm currently involved in the COORD project which aims to develop decentralized coordination mechanisms. The focus lies on market-oriented programming, and modelling resource allocation systems as stochastic processes.

Other topics of interest include security issues for agent systems and their dynamic properties - how such systems may be built in order to encourage cooperative behavior and to weed out malicious and inefficient agents.


Earlier Projects


  • Rasmusson, L. 2001. "Evaluating Resource Bundle Derivatives for Multi-Agent Negotiation of Resource Allocation.", Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), Vol. #2033, entitled "E-Commerce Agents: Marketplace Solutions, Security Issues, and Supply and Demand.", Springer Verlag, Berlin.
  • Rasmusson, L. 1999. "Agent Negotiation over Compound Network Resources." In Proceedings of the IAT99 Workshop on Agents in Electronic Commerce, Hong Kong.
  • Rasmusson, L. and S. Janson. 1999. "Agents, self-interest and electronic markets." The Knowledge Engineering Review, 14 (2) 1999: 143-150.


  • Rasmusson, L. 2001. "Pricing Virtual Paths with Quality-of-Service Guarantees as Bundle Derivatives." Submitted to IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networks, June 2001.
  • Rasmusson, L. and Aurell, E. 2001. "A Price Dynamics in Bandwidth Markets for Point-to-point Connections."

Old publications


  • Generating Faces [Jul 1996]
  • SimWB lets you study the effect of some choice mechanisms in markets. [Apr 1996]

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