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Marie Sjölinder is a member of the Interaction lab and have worked at SICS since 1998 with issues related to human-computer interaction and user studies. I have been involved in user studies in several different projects at SICS. The main part of my recent work has however been related to elderly people and the use of different interfaces, and to contextual factors in using mobile services.

Ongoing projects

KARMA - Artificial Characters in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

KARMA is a Vinnova-funded project targeting the development of a character-based therapeutic application for eating disorders. The project is run in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, department for endocrinology, and Mandos AB.

SAM-KONTROLL - Public Service by Remote Control

Interactive digital-television is the technical solution that, within a foreseeable future, will give the largest access to most people. The project aims to develop e-services for the citizens that are effective regarding, costs and that also creates and contributes to other aspects of quality of life. The project also aims to develop and investigate new methods and tools for distributed user centred prototyping regarding interactive digital television and regarding the interface between the television and the networks.

The public information spread through interactive digital-television will be accessible to a large number of people through a media that they already have access to, and the results will be immediately applicable for several organizations within the public sector, and for these organizations communication with the citizens.

Some earlier projects

SENAV - Senior citizens and navigation in electronic environments

The possibility to purchase groceries through the Internet can improve health and quality of life for the older part of the population, who may have problems with physically getting to the shop and carrying the groceries home. Buying groceries through the Internet may contribute to allowing elderly people to continue living in their homes for a longer period In order to make such a service efficient and usable we need to take the elderly user group's preferences and cognitive presuppositions into account. In SENAV we have examined elderly people's presuppositions according to existing theories about cognition and aging and with respect to which aspects of aging and cognition that are most crucial in computer use and navigation of large information spaces. Further, the project studied to what extent theories about elderly people and navigation in the real world can be used when designing virtual environments for elderly users.

ELMO - Elderly people in the mobile age

This project focused on elderly people and the use of small interfaces, for example mobile phones. The research questions in this project were whether the age differences in the use of interfaces will cause even lager problems for the elderly group when the interfaces are small. We have studied how elderly people can handle these devices and how they can navigate through an information space that is presented at a limited interface. Further we have also examined attitudes among elderly towards the use of different mobile services, what kind of services they use and what kind of services they would like to use in the future.


Book chapters

Hammarström, K.S., Ereback, A.L., Höök, K., & Sjölinder, M. (1997). Convene - MUD Interfaces for Disabled Users. In: Karlsson, MariAnne & Östlund, Britt (eds). Users in Action. Stories of the use of Telematics in Every Day Life. Stockholm: Kommunikationsforskningsberedningen 1999.

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Refereed Conferences

Sjölinder, Marie (2000). Aging and cognition in the use of an Internet service. XXVII International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, July 23-28, 2000.

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Refereed workshops

Sjölinder, Marie, Höök, Kristina, and Nilsson, Lars-Göran (2003). Aging, cognition and task complexity in the use of an on-line grocery shop. HCI International 2003, June 22 - 27, Crete, Greece. Workshop: Web and Aging.

Kristina Höök, Marie Sjölinder, Anna-Lena Ereback, Per Persson (1999) Dealing with the Lurking Lutheran view on Interfaces: Evaluation of the Agneta and Frida system, in the workshop Behaviour Planning for Life-Like Synthetic Characters, held during i3 Spring Days, Sitges, Spain.

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Technical reports

Gerd Andersson, Adrian Bullock, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Stina Nylander, Fredrik Olsson, Marie Sjölinder, Annika Waern, Magnus Boman (2004). Classifying Mobile Services SICS Technical Report: T2004-04.

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