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SAITS - Overview

Privacy is a key factor in the future Swedish IT society. In order to achieve the political IT agenda that the Swedish government has set forth, privacy in IT environments needs to be both defined and supported. As an effect of convergence and the overall development of the IT society, the meaning and understanding of the term privacy will change. This will require that regulations are adapted to these changing conditions.

The SAITS project will generate knowledge about the meaning and significance of the term privacy in future IT environments, how the technological development creates privacy risks as well as possibilities to protect and enhance privacy, and how regulations can control how different actors behaves in IT environments.

The direct results of the SAITS project will be in the form of reports, seminars, and workshops that will describe privacy from a number of viewpoints. The goal of these results is to create a foundation for further work about technologies, privacy needs, and regulations.

The project will also form a national competence in the field of IT privacy. This will be manifested through the network of competence that will be developed throughout the project period.

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