Digital Meeting Environments (DiME)

    The DiME project is a collaboration between SICS, Telia
    Research and the Centre for User Oriented IT Design
    that aims to develop and study the use of Collaborative
    Virtual Environments (CVEs) as the basis for computer
    supported meetings between geographically separated

Multi-participant distributed virtual reality systems are emerging as a new class of tools supporting groups in collaborative work situations. The use of natural spatial metaphors, together with the integration of participants and data within the same common spatial frame of reference creates the potential to support a broad range of co-operative applications in the varied fields of design, visualisation, simulation, training and education, telemedicine as well as entertainment.

The main research objectives of the project are:


               Olov Ståhl,

       Tomas Uhlin,

                 Sören Lenman,


Ståhl, Olov. 1999., "Meetings for real - Experiences from a series of VR-based project meetings."  In Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology 1999, 20-22nd December, 1999, UCL, London