PART - Pervasive Applications Runtime


PART is a light-weight middleware for developing pervasive applications (specifically games) that run on a range of different devices (PCs, mobile phones, microcontrollers) in a heterogeneous network environment. PART is currently being developed within the IPerG project, Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming. The aim is to support the construction of pervasive applications by relieving the programmer from handling lots of tedious and often complex tasks concerning ad-hoc peer-to-peer networking, game state synchronisation, and so on.

Supported platforms

PART is written in Java and has been tested on the following platforms:



PART is released as open source under the (new) BSD license. The PART SourceForge project page can be found here. The PART source code is also accessible via cvs. Instructions can be found here. Use the module name 'part'.




For more information regarding PART, please send email to or call Olov Sthl +46 8 633 1560 Logo