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This site was once my official home page in the role of computer science researcher at SICS. That page has now moved here. I currently use this site mainly for presentation of various artistic endeavours and to some extent for my work on and experiences of certain aspects of yoga.

Dance and street theater

For most of my life I've had a very strong interest in the possibilities of physical movement of the human body. One part of that interest is clearly expressed through yoga, but another that have recently seen an unexpected revival is in the form of free form improvised dance, often performed in public places.

Dance is not really very well suited to present on the web, but the dance section of my photo page, in particular the Contact Impro section, as well as the new video section contain documentation of various projects that I've been interested and/or involved in.


I have a very strong and varied interest in music but quite limited abilities in performing it. I do maintain an Internet Radio site at a location known only to its subscribers. Please contact me if you are interested in subscribing to that site. A somewhat outdated presentation of my musical interests is here.


The most popular part of this site is probably my Photo page where I present a large collection of photographic works in various styles and subject matter.


An other part of the site contains my literary production, mainly poetry. The site itself has not changed very much lately, but I still use the material presented there in performances of spoken word and in multimedia experiments, e.g. combining vocalised versions of the texts in combination with music and dance.


Finally on line!!! piak's Video page


My yoga pages contains collections of kirtans, bhajans and mantras and images of and instructions on the construction of traditional yantras and Chakra symbols. The official home page of the school where I practice yoga is here.

How to reach me


To email me securely use PGP/gnuPG. My public key


+46 70 566 37 15

Postal address

Per Kreuger (official alias of piak)
Urvädersgränd 6A
SE-116 46 Stockholm

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