Vamakhepa's Cakra (Chakra) Page

The chakra images on this page was designed with Sodipodi. The images themselves employ the traditional colours and geometric shapes but only a small selection (mainly the Tattwa yantras) of the rich symbology traditionally associated with Chakras.

One idea behind this simplification is that in this form they are comparatively easy to use for visualisation. Obviously, it also reflects my limited artistic abilities. Anyway, for what it amounts to, these images are hereby placed in the public domain. Enjoy!

Note that, in addition to the .jpg format directly accessible from this page there are also .png and .gif versions (with transparent background) available in separate directories. Source Sodipodi .svg's are available on request.

The following .pdf file contains a brief introduction to the subjects of Prana, Nadi and Chakra. It is currently only available in Swedish.

Sahasrāra padma (Sahasrara padma)


Bindu visarga


Ājñā cakra (Ajna or Agya chakra)


Viśuddhi cakra (Vishuddhi chakra)


Anāhata cakra (Anahata chakra)


Maṇipūra cakra (Manipura chakra)


Svadhiṣṭhāna cakra (Svadhisthana or Swadhisthana chakra)


Mūlādhāra cakra (Muladhara or Mooladhara chakra)


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