Research Publications by Topic

Distributed Systems, Peer-to-Peer Systems

  1. Efficient Broadcast in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks. IPTPS 2003, Berkeley, 2003.
  2. A Framework for Peer-To-Peer Lookup Services based on k-ary search. SICS technical report T2002-06, 2002.
  3. NetProber: a Component for Enhancing Efficiency of Overlay Networks in P2P Systems. The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing Systems, Linköping, Sweden, September 5-7, 2002.
  4. Application Architecture of the Internet Simulation Model: Web Word of Mouth (WoM), IASTED International Conference on Modelling and Simulation MS2002, Marina del Rey, USA, May 2002.
  5. Regularities in the Formation and Evolution of Information Cities presented in The 2nd Kyoto, Meeting on Digital Cities held in Kyoto, Japan in October 19-20, 2001.
  6. Information Cities Over the Internet; Taxonomies, Principles and Architecture presented in the Digital Communities 2002 Conference held in Chicago, USA in November 4-6, 2001.
  7. Fractional Weighted Reference Counting, EuroPar 2001.

Programming Systems (Oz/Mozart)

  1. A Lightweight Reliable Object Migration Protocol, Internet Programming Languages, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1686. Springer Verlag, October 1999.
  2. Efficient Logic Variables for Distributed Computing, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 1999.
  3. Programming Languages for Distributed Applications, New Generation Computing Systems 1998.
  4. An Overview of the Design of Distributed Oz, ACM International Symposium of Parallel Symbolic Computation, 1997.
  5. Mobile Objects in Distributed Oz, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, September 1997.

Programming Systems (AKL)

  1. Björn Carlson, Seif Haridi, and Sverker Janson. AKL(FD) - A concurrent language for FD programming. In Logic Programming: Proceedings of the 1994 International Symposium. The MIT Press, 1994.
  2. Sverker Janson and Seif Haridi. An introduction to AKL - A multiparadigm programming language. In Constraint Programming, NATO-ASI Series vol. 131, Springer-Verlag, 1994.
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Multiprocessor Architecture

  1. Erik Hagersten, Mats Grindal, Anders Landin, Seif Haridi, Simulating the Data Diffusion Machine, PARLE 1993
  2. Erik Hagersten, Anders Landin and Seif Haridi, DDM - a Cache-Only Memory Architecture, IEEE Computer Sept. 1992
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Knowledge-based Systems, Configuration

  1. Tomas Axling and Seif Haridi, A Tool for Developing Interactive Configuration Applications . In Journal of Logic Programming 1996. The MIT Press

Garbage Collection Algorithms

  1. Karin Appleby, Mats Carlsson, Dan Sahlin, and Seif Haridi. Garbage Collection for Prolog Based on WAM . Communication of the ACM June 1988.
  2. Khayri Ali, and Seif Haridi. Global Garbage Collection for Distributed Heap Storage Systems . International Journal of Parallel Programming, October 1986.

Parallel Processing

  1. Johan Montelius and Seif Haridi. An Evaluation of Penny, a System for Fine Grain Implicit Parallelism. ACM International Symposium of Parallel Symbolic Computation, 1997.
  2. Ewing Lusk, Seif Haridi, David Warren, et. al. The Aurora Or-parallel Prolog System . New Generation Comp., 1990.
  3. Andrzej Ciepielewski, Seif Haridi and Bogdan Hausman. Or-parallel Prolog on shared memory multiprocessors , Journal of Logic Programming 1990.
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Theorem Proving

  1. Dan Sahlin, Torkel Franzen and Seif Haridi, An Intuitionistic Predicate Logic Theorem Prover . Journal of logic and computation, Vol. 2, No. 5, 1992, Oxford University Press.

Concurrent Constraints and Virtual Environments

  1. Tomas Axling, Seif Haridi, Lennart Fahlen. Virtual Reality Programming in Oz. In Virtual Environments and Scientific Visualization '96, eds P. Slavik, J.J. van Wijk. SpringerWienNewYork, 1996.
  2. Tomas Axling, Seif Haridi, Lennart Fahlen. Concurrent Constraint Programming Virtual Reality Applications. The Second International Conference on the Military Applications of Synthetic Environments and Virtual Reality, MASEVR'95, Sweden.