Seif Haridi

Director of Research, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

SICS Strategic Research Program

The Oz/Mozart Workshop on Intelligent Distributed Computing

The Teleinformatics Seminar Series

A weekly seminar series on computing and commuincation science and technology.

Undergraduate Courses

Currently a course on distributed systems, for computer systems major

Graduate Courses

Currently a course on distributed algorithms

My Current Research

My current interest is in the area of distributed computing, specially in the design of programming systems that simplify construction of applications requiring Intelligent Software Agents

Curriculum Vitae
Summary of Scientific and Pedagogical Accomplishments

Recent Publications

Oz programming system


Selected Research Publications by Area




address (work):
        Box 1263
        S-164 28 Kista

Phone (work): +46 8 6331530
Phone (home): +46 8 7392063
Fax:          +46 8 7517230
Telex:        812 6154 007 SICS
Teletex: 2401-812 6154 007 SICS
My .plan file.

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