Thiemo Voigt

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I am a researcher at SICS where I have the pleasure to lead the Networked Embedded Systems Group consisting of myself and a number of extremely talented researchers. Our current research focuses on wireless sensor networks and system software for embedded networked devices. For current projects, please see the NES projects page.
From Sep. 2002 to July 2003, I was on leave from SICS for a postdoc at the Freie Universität in Berlin where I was with the Computer Systems and Telematics group headed by Jochen Schiller

On May 27, 2002, I succesfully defended my PhD thesis called Architectures for Service Differentiation in Overloaded Internet Servers at Uppsala University. The opponent was Peter Druschel.
To receive a copy of the thesis, please send me an email

My PhD supervisor was Per Gunningberg head of the Communications Research group at Uppsala University. I pursued my PhD research within the PAMP project. My project was called Towards Predictable Overload Control of Large Real-Time Server Systems. The project was started in 2000 at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY, where I did an internship from the middle of march until the beginning of July.

In 1998/1999 at SICS I was involved in a project called Pegasus II. In this project an operating system called Nemesis has been developed. Nemesis is a vertically structured operating system, designed and implemented from scratch in order to provide QoS to applications.


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