Tomas Olsson

I have an M. Sc. in Computer Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and a Ph. Lic. in Computer Science from Uppsala University. The work on the M. Sc. was accomplished at Ellemtel Utvecklings AB. I have been working at SICS since March 1998.

Research Interests

My main interests concern anomaly detection and network security risk analysis, trust management, machine learning and the issues of building distributed self-organising systems where the entities, to improve their performance, organise themselves based on their interactions. My Ph. Lic Thesis was about bootstrapping and decentralizing recommender systems, and my M. Sc. Thesis concerned how software agents can collaborate to perform social information filtering for their users.

Current Work

Currently, I am working in the Industrial Applications and Methods Laboratory. Previously, I worked in the now discontinued Security, Policy and Trust Laboratory. My research focus is on anomaly detection and network security risk analysis as part the Vinnova funded Center for Networked Systems.

I have started a blog to discuss intrusion detection issues at

Previous Work

Previously I have worked with recommender systems and something I call decentralised recommender systems or distributed social filtering based on the metaphore. I have also worked with trust modelling to deduce or induce measures of trust between interacting entities. In the context of contract management in virtual organizations, I have worked with the problem on how to monitor and detect violations to Service Level Agreements.

Publications and papers

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