Vicki Carleson
Librarian/SICStus Prolog Sales

Tel. +46 8 633 1505
Fax. +46 8 751 7230

If you are looking for the SICS library click on SICS Library and Information Center.

I work 30 hours a week here at SICS.  Generally work M-F (9:00-15:00).
Among my various duties at SICS:

  • Responsible for the Library webpages.
  • Oversee printing of paper copies of SICS reports.
  • See to it the SICS reports are available online via the SICS publications page.
  • Order books
  • Maintain journal collection.
  • Do inter-library loans via LIBRIS and British Library.
  • 15 hours a week go to assisting in the sales of the SICStus Prolog program.

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last update Jan. 5, 2005